Kanye West Drops Mano as His DJ, Watch His Bloopers

Let the Kanye West DJ trials commence!

We’ve suspected Mano might be getting dropped by Kanye for some time now, but the above video posted by a fan on Kanye West’s fan forum back in June makes it pretty obvious dude shoulda been cut a long time ago. Now kids won’t just be approaching Kanye on the street to spit bars, but will probably throw down decks too.

DJ Million Dollar Mano recently took to Twitter to announce the split, but more importantly share some of his thoughts on Kanye’s fans. Salute to all Kanye’s fans gay, straight or otherwise! Let’s hope he can find a better DJ because Lord knows there is no shortage of them these days…

Listen to a rough clip of Kanye West’s new single “All Day” here.


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