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Kanye West “Black Skinhead”

Kanye West “Black Skinhead”

Remember that one time everyone thought Kanye West dropped a really weird music video for “Black Skinhead,” and then it turned out that it wasn’t the final version? Sure you do, and so does the rest of the internet. I’ll sheepishly admit that I was quick to judge Kanye’s first video, claiming it was weird, and probably produced by the Illuminati. Well, guess what? It appears that the leaked version wasn’t too far from what Kanye intended for the finished video, a.k.a, they’re pretty much the same video. A.k.a it was produced by the illuminated ones. Trolls. Hopefully Kanye doesn’t end up claiming that this is the greatest music video in the history of music videos.

Watch the official version of “Black Skinhead” above, and let us know if you can spot the differences in the two videos.


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