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Justin Bieber Sings Racist Song About Joining KKK

Biebs has no chill.

Things couldn’t get much worse for Biebs right now. After a video surfaced of him making a racist joke to friends just days ago, TMZ has unearthed an even more disturbing video.

This clip features a 14-year-old Justin Bieber singing the song “One Less Lonely Girl,” but instead of singing girl, he uses the n-word. Bieber then goes on to joke about joining the Klu Klux Klan. Damn Biebs, you have zero chill.

As of now, there is no comment from Bieber’s camp, but you can’t imagine they’re going to be able to spin this.


young JB

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  • Hero Nicholas

    Dear justin Bieber

    so called niggers made you rich. now you want to smack the hand that feeds you while you act like a stereo tripe. you are a wagger of the highest order and you need to order yourself a long vacation at a rehab facility.

    stop your devilish ways, you naughty little devil.

  • batman

    wow. rip biebs

  • Over it

    what i wanna know is where were the Adults when this filming took place? who was behind the camera? he was 14, i remember making dead baby jokes at 12, putting them in the microwave or whatever. what he said was stupid, but at 14 arent we all? the only reason why crap like this is news is cause he’s famous. i say blame the adults who wanted to make money off a 12 year old then not take responsibility for guiding the kid to become a respectable adult.