Justin Bieber N Word Video

Justin Bieber: Never Say N***a

Here's another reason to join our deport Justin Bieber campaign.

Remember that Justin Bieber hit song “Never Say Never“? Sure you don’t, because you don’t listen to Justin Bieber— he’s mad whack. Well, we here at Mass Appeal have a hit song of our own for Mr. Biebs: “Never Say Nigga (And Definitely Not Nigger).” It goes a little something like this:

“You should never say nigga, and definitely not nigger.”

That’s it. It’s a very short song.

However, we’re pretty sure it’s going to be über popular given the new video that’s surfaced of young Justin dropping the N-bombs on ya moms. Check out the video below of Justin Bieber telling a joke about black people and chainsaws that has everyone at the office ready to mount up like the true regulators we are and ride out on this mofo. You better belieb it.

You can purchase a copy of Mass Appeal’s hit song “Never Say Nigga (And Definitely Not Nigger)” here.


Justin Bieber N Word Video

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  • Realest Person Alive

    Who gives a fuck about this kid, he did this for the attention

  • BATMANfromDaHood

    hahahhahaha !!!!!!!!!!


    I wonder what Lil Twist thinks of this.