Just Blaze Talks Working On New TMNT Game

Just Blaze brought his super producer touch to the gaming world and talks soundtracking the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game.

Those in the rap game long enough know that it’s all about diversifying your portfolio. Jay Z’s got Roc Nation Sports, Pharrell’s scoring movies, and Just Blaze has been getting into the EDM scene. Well it looks like Justo’s been up to more than just that, as a new XBox video features the super producer talking about his contributions to the sound of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game, Out of the Shadows.

The graphics look great in the above clip and soundtrack sounds epic, with ominous overtones and fast hitting 808s. Just talks about working on video game, how it has an old school feel, and which turtle he most relates to. Peep his quotes below and pick up “TMNT: Out of the Shadows” for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Windows PC in late August.

“It’s ironic to come full-circle and now be working on a project that embodies a major part of my childhood and my childhood memories. It’s dope, every couple of years, to do a project that reminds you of what it was like to be eleven years old without a care in the world.

“The thing I like about this was that it kind of feels like a modern take on the original Turtles game, which was definitely a classic in the ’80s. It definitely took a lot of quarters from me.

“I can definitely relate to [Donatello’s] love of all things technology and geek-related. I get that. But I always thought it was Raphael’s attitude. I would have to split it between those two.”

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