Artist and Director Julian Schnabel Nowness Mini Documentary In TheCourse Of Seven Days

Julian Schnabel: In The Course of Seven Days

Back like he never left.

Julian Schnabel, the famed artist and director of Basquiat and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, is in the midst of a comeback, and with a number of shows in the chamber he’s ready to start buckin’ again.

Schnabel has a number of exhibitions that have recently opened, as well as an upcoming show in the UK, slated to open this week. With these being Schnabel’s first forays back onto the art scene since the ’80s, it’s been cause for celebration.

Nowness sought out to join in on the veneration of the artist by documenting his approach to what he deems “carte-blanche.” Collaborating with filmmaker Porfirio Munoz, the online platform has created a short documentary profiling Schnabel, providing viewers with a look into the artist’s home studio. He speaks on his creative process as it relates to the notion of utilizing found objects and images in his art, and how that correlates to the unique experience of being reactionary, coming into contact “with associations that are beyond your invention.”

The mini-doc is an interesting and visceral six minutes that is sure provide a new and fresh perspective on appropriation and how it can serve as an unbeknownst starting point.

Nowness even got Schnabel to provide them with a list of things he’s looking forward to this Spring:

Seven things that Julian Schnabel is excited about this spring:
1. Seeing my son.
2. Meeting all those fresh new people that are waiting to meet me.
3. Watching the buds turn into flowers.
4. Getting in the water.
5. Surfing.
6. Seeing these paintings hanging in all of these different places and seeing how people react to them.
7. Hanging around with my friends.
And everything else.

Check out the mini doc in the video player above check below for links to info pertaining to each of Schnabel’s shows both here and abroad:

“View of Dawn in the Tropics: Paintings, 1989-1990”
– Gagosian Gallery  April 21 – May 31.

“Every Angel Has a Dark Side”
– The Dairy Art Centre of the UK  April 25 – July 27.

“Julian Schnabel: An Artist Has A Past (Puffy Clouds and Strong Cocktails)”
– Dallas Contemporary April 21 – August 10.


Artist and Director Julian Schnabel Nowness Mini Documentary In TheCourse Of Seven Days

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