Juicy J "Beautiful Ones"

Juicy J “Beautiful Ones”


Juicy J released a new song last night called “Beautiful Ones,” but the title is a little misleading. Instead of rapping about the conventional idea of beauty, Juicy J dedicates the new joint to the thots. That’s right, this one’s about all the ‘thirsty-ass hoes’ backstage on Juicy.

We all know the type. The ladies who have an email in their Instagram bio for “model inquiries.” The ones who go out every night, but can’t afford a haircut for their children. The ones who swear they won’t date a rapper, but are always trying to date a rapper. It’s ok ladies, Juicy J has a new banger for you.

The best part of the song is Juicy J’s sound advice to all the dudes out there: “My nigga make sure you wrap it up and don’t give these freaks all your money.” When he’s right, he’s right. Thanks, Juicy.

Listen to Juicy J’s “Beautiful Ones” below, and always wrap it up.

[h/t Xclusivezones.net]

Juicy J "Beautiful Ones"

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