Juicy J “Ain’t No Coming Down”

Get trippy mane! Juicy J drops a video for his track, "Ain't No Coming Down." Warning: May cause HOC!

Smokers rejoice! Juicy J is back with another herb-friendly anthem for those L-ong car rides. “Ain’t No Coming Down” is the trippy king’s ode to 4/20. Frank Paladino directs as Juicy does… well, what else but smoke plane after plane of the greenest of green pastures. The video is shot completely in black and white, and features a notable guest appearance by Most Dope affiliate Tree Jay, who seems to have the lungs of an Olympic swimmer.

The track isn’t your typical “chill out and blaze” type of stoner music. As we’ve come to expect from Juicy J, it’s turn up time! Whether you’re getting waxed like a candle or taking a trip to cloud nine the old fashioned way, congregate with some friends and light up your trippy sticks. As Juicy puts it, “Bitch don’t kill my vibe, ho don’t kill my buzz!”

Juicy’s new album Stay Trippy drops this summer, so keep a bloodshot eye out for that one!

Juicy J with some bands

Dude lighting up a joint

A guy blowing a cloud of smoke

Juicy J on stage getting turnt

Juicy J posted up backstage

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