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Mr. Goldwatch goes to West Virginia for the Hood Internet's new clip.

The most interesting films to me are ones that capture adventure. Be it music video, or feature documentary, the ability to see and trip on life’s quirky, creamy, nougat center is much more a practice in meditation and awareness than entertainment.

Chicago based producer/DJ duo The Hood Internet had a song entitled “One For The Record Books,” had a small budget for a video which they insisted on not being in. A few years ago an artist not wanting to be in their own video was a bummer, but oh how the times have changed (in my mind.) I was given carte blanche to create my own visual adventure ahead of me, and let it run its course, as I document the ride. So we ran to West Virginia for a strange and textured parade.

Juggalo life Seth The Hood Internet FEAT

I would describe the “One For The Records Books” track as both warm and sad, both romantic and melancholy. I lived with the track, and some how ended up with this story in my head about a lonely dude, in a small town, struggling with individuality and romance in a world of internet dating and wal-mart dates.

We shot for a day, in a trailer park in West Virginia with Seth, and his cats, and his Internet mussing. I don’t want to give away too much since the video drops in a few days, but the end result is an endearing documentation of what must be close to a perfect day for the lonely dude I’ve described. Tattoos, fireworks, Wal-Mart, even a beer under the bridge with a pretty girl. Seth was cool enough to shoot his own “behind the scenes” of the day which I’m posting along with a few of my favorite snaps from the day (above). “One For The Record Books” drops any day now. The Hood Internets album FEAT is out Oct. 2 on Decon Records.

Juggalo Tattoo

under the bridge

West Virgina is for lovers

Juggalo life Seth The Hood Internet FEAT

West Virginia is for Lovers

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