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Juan Wauters “Goo” Video

Juan Wauters “Goo” Video


For those unaware, Juan Wauters is the co-creator of the group The Beets and sometimes releases solos tracks under his real name. Most of his tracks fall into the acoustic pop lane, with a splash of folk added for good measure.

Wauters recently unleashed a music video for the track “Goo,” from his North American Poetry LP. The video starts off with an intro from EPMD’s Parrish Smith (aka PMD), for the iconic tri-state hip hop public access show “Make It Or Break It.” In the video, we find Wauters roaming around Queens dressed like an extra from Capone-N-Noreaga’s The War Report album cover. While his lip-syncing game is a bit off, the interesting encounters Wauters has with Queens locals more than makes up for the partial effort.

Check out the VHS-inspired visual above.