#TBT: Jonny Shipe’s “Bong Hits In The Hood”

Bongs in the hood? We discovered this clip that may have changed the game.

Everyone smokes these days. Whether it be via papers, pipes or blunts, it’s pretty much a game of preference. However, there was once a time when bongs were frowned upon in damn near every hood. Was it because of their phallic resemblance or the not so fun memories of the crack cocaine days? Who knows.

Anyway, six years ago, Jonny Shipes took to the streets of NYC to do a little experimenting. Playing a cultural anthropologist of sorts, Shipes along with some very willing participants (including Harlem’s own Smoke DZA), drummed up the courage and confidence to test out this new-found method of partaking in some green appreciation. Peep Part 1 above, as well as Part 2 below, to get the hood’s verdict on Bongs.

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