Artist Jonny Ruzzo's "Black Pussy" painting

New York Artist Jonny Ruzzo’s Painted “Pussies”

Cat power.

New York-based artist Jonny Ruzzo has an affinity for felines. It’s almost as if his love for cats exudes from the work in his “Pussies” collection; an assemblage of cats ranging in emotion. Each painting comes to life by way of Ruzzo’s strong and sharp brushstrokes, turning a collage of gestures into stylized and unique feline portraiture that is as emotive as the subjects themselves. Check out Ruzzo’s “Pussies” and “Pussies 2” series here and be sure to check out his website for the rest of his amazing work.

NY Artis Jonny Ruzzo's "Black Pussy 2"

NY Artist Jonny Ruzzo "Hairless Pussy"

NY Artist Jonny Ruzzo "Pussy 2"

NY Artist Jonny Ruzzo's "Wet Pussy"Pieces produced by the artist have also been made available via his Etsy page.

Artist Jonny Ruzzo's "Black Pussy" painting

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