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Jonah – Fame & Fortune Have a Price

Jonah – Fame & Fortune Have a Price

Jonah is a short film telling the story of Mbwana and Juma, two young men from the fishing town of Zanzibar with aspirations of making it big. Their dream is realized after they manage to capture a photograph of a gigantic fish leaping from the waters of their local sea. The photograph turns Mbwana into an instant celebrity and the boy’s town into a booming tourist trap.

Although the film alludes to the biblical story of Jonah and the Whale, it chooses to focus on the concept of fame and the price paid to attain it. Mbwana, the newly proclaimed “World Famous Fish Man,” achieves the celebrity status he’s always dreamed of, but loses a piece of himself in the process. In the end, Mbwana is forced to confront the choices he’s made and the giant fish responsible for his stardom. Not only is this official Sundance selection thought-provoking but it’s also aesthetically breathtaking.

Watch the short film Jonahabove and the making of the project below.

Directed by Kibwe Tavares
Written by Jack Thorne
Produced by Ivana MacKinnon

Mbwana and Juma walking on the beach
Mbwana and Juma walking on the beach together
Juma taking a picture of Mbwana
Juma capture the fish jumping behind Mbwana

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