Joey Bada$$ Time Travels to 1999 On Debut Mixtape

Rapping at 17, in Brooklyn, in 2012, is jusr part of the Joey Bada$$.

Joey Bada$$ 199 cover art

“It’s been a minute since they saw a style with no gimmicks.” This bold introduction to Joey Bada$$, on 1999 speaks volumes about the state of rap and his approach to the culture. With a complex rhyme scheme that is composed of multisyllabic words and an unpredictable flow, the 17 year-old Brooklynite does more than exhibit his skills as an emcee; he proves that there’s still hope for the future of hip-hop and that he may very well be the man that has the fire to keep the torch lit for future generations.

From the opening track, onward, Joey exquisitely demonstrates his control of a mic over a more solid beat selection, including work from J Dilla, MF Doom, Statik Selektah, Lord Finesse, and more. While twisting and bending rhymes together in a orderly fashion, the rookie emcee still remains as cool, calm, and collective as Shaft in a gunfight. His work on 1999 also contains a feature that many free mixtapes and projects lack nowadays. The component of a universal sound and style throughout the tape, brings an element of imagery to the project. Using the component of truth and vivid words he paints a complete picture of his young Brooklyn lifestyle. Through tracks like “Daily Routine” where he proclaims that he “used to beg mom dukes for lunch money, honies used to run from me, when my pockets where dust bunnies,” the listener can draw real parallels which cause a mutual relationship through the music. This ability for the listener to relate to the lyrics has taken a dramatic decrease within in music as of recent and causes a high level of sophistication in his music.

Besides the obvious microphone mathematics that Joey seems to have aced, he also holds a total artist image that can easily appeal to the masses. The fact that Joey is only seventeen, combined with his overall charisma or “swag,” creates the potential for him to be recognized by a popular young demographic. Him and his Pro Era crew of Capital Steez, Chuck Strangers and more could easily be the next widely popularized group sensation, following the likes of Odd Future and A$AP.

With only room for progression, Joey seems to be an unpolished gem. With a little more knowledge of song writing and branding techniques Joey could easy be on the rise to stardom; taking his heavily golden-era influenced sound along with him. Already having the support of hip-hop heavyweights like 9th Wonder, Big K.R.I.T., and others, Joey could possibly be the most promising young artist on the scene. He has the ability to become the savior that NY hip-hop heads have been searching for as well as the hottest new emcee amongst teenagers around the world; and that my friends is a lethal combination.

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