Jim-E Stack’s Bubble Boy is Poppin’

The NOLA rep's well-rounded production steez takes shape on his new release.

Jim-E Stack Bubble Boy

LA based digital label Body High is set to release Bubble Boy [BH008], the sophomore release for New Orleans based producer Jim-E Stack. The new track “Bubbly Boy” shows off the young producer’s skill, with regards to blending an aggressive hybrid of tropical house with the emotive aspects of RnB. The vocal and chord style in this track match that of what is found in his debut EP Come Between released earlier this year on Good Years Recordings. The kick drums of Baltimore Club’s past pops its head out through the array of shuffling percs, snares, gunpulls and vocal chops. Overall, this track revealing a sound palate equally balanced with hard and soft elements, thumping when in needs to and glides when it ought.

Bubble Boy [BH008] will be available on all digital music outlets July 3rd.

FREEBIE: Jim-E Stack’s remix for the Georgia based indie group Reptar was released today and is well worth the free download. This 108-beat-per-minute remix of “Houseboat Babies” rhythmically falls between indie rock and moombahton (if we need to put labels on things). Highly recommended.


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