Jesus Shuttlesworth aka Ray Allen Calls It Quits

2 rings, 10 All-Star teams, 2 All-Pro teams and 1 classic film later...

Ray “Jesus Shuttlesworth” Allen has announced today, after two years away from the NBA, that he’s retiring from basketball. Allen, the 5th overall pick of the 1996 draft out of UCONN, played 18 splendid seasons, during which he made more 3-pointers than any player ever and won 2 NBA titles.

With a personal essay posted to The Player’s Tribune today, “Letter to My Younger Self,” Allen formally announced his retirement from the NBA, ending an 18-year career that watched him become a star in Seattle, spend time in Milwaukee, and become an all-time great in Boston and Miami. It’s a career that also watched Allen seamlessly cross over into Hollywood when he starred in Spike Lee’s He Got Game film. The film was a widespread hit and birthed Allen’s Jesus Shuttlesworth alter-ego. Shuttlesworth is the reclusive, immensely talented high school basketball player Allen portrayed in the movie. Based off that movie alone, it’s a widespread belief that Allen is one of the best NBA actors ever.

It’s hard not to admire Allen, even if you’re a Lakers or Spurs fan. He’s made 400 more 3-pointers than anyone who’s ever played basketball, 10 All-Star teams, and 2 All-Pro teams. In 5 years, when he’s eligible to be inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, he’ll be a shoo-in and then some.

Whatever you remember Allen for, be it for winning in Boston or slighting Denzel Washington in He Got Game, you likely mouthed the following five words upon reading this news.

“Man, that guy could shoot.”

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