Jeremih feat. Fabolous “Ahh Sh*t” (prod. Sak Pasé)

Jeremih feat. Fabolous “Ahh Sh*t” (prod. Sak Pasé)

Jeremih Fabolous Sak Pasé "Aww Shit"

We joked about Haitians being underrepresented on, in comparison to the Jamaicans who are arguably some of the greatest rappers of all time: Biggie, Busta, and Grand Puba. Wyclef and Jerry Wonder get most of the credit. It practically all goes to ‘Clef trying to fill the shoes of Bob Marley. Can’t hate him for that. For some time now, producer Sham “Sak Pasé” Joseph, is also doing it big for Haitians in hip-hop. He scored huge hits like Rihanna’s “Man Down” and co-produced The Throne’s “Who Gon Stop Me.” He’s added a new hit to his resumé, “Ahh Sh*t” for Jeremih and Fabolous. Sak Pasé is what’s happening. Aww sh*t, see what we just did? Sak Pasé is also a phrase in creole used by Haitians, loosely translating to “what’s happening” or “what’s up.” His culture is a part of ours. Next stop, the presidency.