Jeremiah Jae “Bad Jokes” Mixtape

Listen to this mixtape and then describe it to your friends. They'll think you're a weirdo.

Jeremiah Jae is not the stereotypical rapper/producer one-two punch of the post Fruity Loop, computer-based generation of beat makers. The Chicago native’s sound is synonymous with that of his Brainfeeder label mates, only in the fact that you can’t compare it to anything. Most people who try find themselves making ridiculous statements, or using words that have no place together in a sentence. Let me try: Listening to Jeremiah Jae is like entering into a smoke-filled underground jazz club in Chicago, only to exit and find that you’re trapped on fluorescent pyramid in outer space. You see?

My advice is to avoid letting other people describe Jeremiah Jae’s sound, and experience it for yourself by listening to his new mixtape Bad Jokes. The project showcases his lyricism and production skills, as well those of label mates like Samiyam and Flying Lotus. You can stream the entire mixtape below and download it here.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, head to our blog to check out Jae’s new music video “Money And Food.”

Jeremiah Jae Bad Jokes Mixtape Cover

Devin P-B has never seen a fluorescent pyramid, but he is on Twitter @its_DPB

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