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Jefferson Atiba Green Label Exclusives Director’s Cut

Hang with Jefferson Atiba and find out what makes Los Angeles the perfect cultural hub for a photographer like him.

Mountain Dew’s Green Label and Los Angeles-based skateboard photographer, Jefferson Atiba, continue to foster their recent L.A. Capsule Collection for Green Label Exclusives collaboration of photo tees and tanks (available at Brick Harbor) and with the release of “The Director’s Cut,” a day in the life with the renowned shutterbug. The short includes Atiba’s own narrative about Los Angeles-living and its accessibility to the cultures that he loves to document. He also talks about the inspiration behind photographing the likes of Paul Rodriguez and Mister Cartoon, peers that also influence his photography’s direction and story.

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Paul Rodriguez Donuts Los Angeles Mountain Dew

Low Rider Mister Cartoon Blue Chevy

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Photography Light Trail Open Shutter City Buildings

Dog Mountain Dew California Man Outdoors

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