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Jeff Spicoli’s Style Strikes Again For Summer

Jeff Spicoli’s Style Strikes Again For Summer

No shirt, no shoes, no dice. Ahh, Jeff Spicoli a true legend amongst the nation of stoners with style. Sure the character Sean Penn played is synonymous with Vans’ iconic checkerboard slip-on shoe. Spicoli’s ultimate style also continues as boardshorts introduce summer. With choice brands such as Warriors of Radness paying homage to the boardshorts of the late ’70s, and Insight serving up their Knitta Mind F*ck trunks, why not cop a few pairs? The theory is: you should be able to keep it moving and rock the same shorts day and night, rotating one pair into another. Kick off this summer with a range of styles that capture the sartorial kaledescope of Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Board Shorts Summer Swimwear Fashion
Paul Smith – Long-Length Water Print                 
Price Tag: $165
Moncler – Camoflage Print
Price Tag: $205

Pierre Balmain Insight Board Shorts
Pierre Balmain – Printed Swim Trunks
Price Tag: $311
Insight – Knitta Mind F*ck
Price Tag: $60.98

WOR Stussy Boardshorts

WOR – GLSA Trunk
Price Tag: $98
Stussy – Benjamin Stripe Trunk
Price Tag: $58

Stylin’ like Spicoli: Boardshorts are as versatile in the summer the way jeans aren’t tied to seasons. Pair your trunks with a solid neutral colored tee (let the boardshorts be your style statement); checkerboard Vans are a must (go with the OG black & white joints or pick from their current color palette); for those cooler nights out, throw on a vintage/distressed Levi’s denim jacket.

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