What’s Beef? The Story Behind Jay Z and Solange’s Brawl

More information on the rumble in the elevator .

According to a New York Daily News source, the elevator fight between Solange and brother-in-law Jay Z was caused by Hov’s insistence on attending Rihanna’s Met Gala after party— without Beyonce. However, things didn’t really pop off until fifteen minutes before the brawl in the elevator.

Allegedly, some of Solange’s “non-famous” friends were trying to enter the Met Gala after party Jay Z, Beyoncé and Solange were attending at The Standard Hotel, causing quite the scene. The crew wasn’t dressed appropriately and kept name dropping Jay Z. When Hov found out, he wasn’t pleased, telling Solange, “Don’t use my name.”

Once Solange found out that Jay Z was attending Rihanna’s party without Bey, things got physical. One source stated, “She [Solange] seemed drunk and irritated. She said, ‘Why can’t you go home?’ and to Beyonce ‘Why does your husband need to go to the club right now?'” That’s when Jay Z responded with, “You’re one to talk.” The rest, as you know, wasn’t pretty. Solange punched, kicked, and smacked Hov with her phone.

It’s been a crazy week for hip hop’s royal family, and although no party has commented on the matter, they seem to have made up. This afternoon Jay Z and Solange were seen at Mr. Flawless looking at womens jewelry. The two didn’t talk much inside the store, but they weren’t throwing hands either. Maybe the beef is over?

What says “let’s be friends” more than diamonds?

[h/t New York Daily News & TMZ]

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