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Jay-Z Launches  “Empire” On Facebook

Jay-Z Launches “Empire” On Facebook


JAY-Z Facebook game “EMPIRE”

Have what it takes to go from being broke to making it rain? If you just raised your hand and have a Facebook account, then Empire is the game for you.

Launched yesterday by Jay-Z, Empire electrifies elements of the rapper-turned-mogul’s life with the hope that you too can replicate Hov’s success. Virtually, speaking.

You can visit your mom or significant other for moral support, have a rap battle or make a mix tape for street cred. You can also get a job to help you cop your bling, among other activities, according to Mashable. Early points are given as soon as you start the game which is customizable. Build your “rap name,” your persona and work your way up from the projects and into a loft in Tribecca–all without selling real crack, stabbing Lance “Un” Rivera or falling out with rap kingpin Dame Dash.

Social media aspects of the game include sharing your experience in your Facebook Timeline–something you’re probably accustomed to doing anyways. This game is proof-positive that Jay Z is not a businessman, but a BUSINESS…man.