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Jay Z, Kanye West, and Frank Ocean Sued Over “Made in America”

Watch The Throne... plagiarize

Jay Z, Kanye West, and Frank Ocean are being sued by New York musician Joel McDonald for copyright infringement. McDonald alleges that the trio stole his song “Made in America” and used it as the basis of their song of the same name. He wants $3 million as compensation, as his version of “Made in America” was released on iTunes in 2009.

Listen to the two tracks below, and see if you can spot the similarities.

Joel McDonald – “Made in America”

Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Frank Ocean – “Made in America”

This isn’t the first time that The Throne has gotten into legal trouble over Watch the Throne, as they were previously sued by Syl Johnson over the bonus track “The Joy.”

That case was settled outside of court, and we expect that the same thing will happen with this one.

Watch the Throne

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