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Jay Z “Holy Grail” ft. Justin Timberlake

Jay Z “Holy Grail” ft. Justin Timberlake

Brooklyn’s finest MC Jay Z finally puts visuals to Magna Carta Holy Grail’s opening song, “Holy Grail.” Andy WarHov is in full effect, as Mr. Carter continues to amplify his musical legacy with more of an artistic approach. The Anthony Mandler directed video captures Hov dressed in all black pacing through a dark room surrounded by old televisions and broken statues; entertaining the thought of defeat while fighting the odds of success. Now usually I would say to myself, “There goes Jay Z again, trying to be overly artistic and keep up with the times,” but I actually think the video is dope. (I wasn’t to crazy about the song when I first heard it.) The way the song is modified and mutated in the video, compared to the album version, is also a nice touch. Check it out and let us know your thoughts.

Jay Z Holy Grail

Jay Z and JT Holy Grail

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