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Jay-Z “Dead Presidents 3” (Original Version)

Jay-Z “Dead Presidents 3” (Original Version)


Jay-Z releases the original version of Dead Presidents 3

If you took a break from Twitter today, you might have missed a random Q & A session between Jay-Z and his followers. Hov’s tweeted only a handful of times from his account in the past, but took the time to answer a variety of questions, ranging from where his new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, ranks in his catalogue, to the inspiration behind his new track “Oceans.” One lucky fan got their wish after asking Jay-Z about a finished version of “Dead Presidents 3,” a track Jay recorded that surfaced on the internet in 2007. After a quick Twitter blessing from Hov, Young Guru uploaded the track to his SoundCloud for the world to hear. Check it below!


Jay Z releases Dead Presidents 3

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