fans tip hat to Jeter

Jay Z, Action Bronson, and More Tip Their Caps to Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter gets all-star treatment in new Jordan Brand commercial.

New York Yankees’ shortstop Derek Jeter is set to retire following this season after an illustrious career. He is without a doubt one of the best Yankees to ever put no the pinstripes, winning numerous awards— 14-time American League All-Star, 1996 Rookie of the Year, and five World Series rings— while always keeping it classy and dignified. (Who else sends their one-night stands home with gift baskets filled with signed memorabilia?)

To commemorate his career, Jordan Brand has released a new commercial featuring several celebrities tipping their cap to the shortstop. Everyone from Action Bronson to Michael Jordan are in the clip showing respect to the legendary shortstop. They even have Boston Red Sox fans tipping their caps. Not sure how Boston fans are going to feel about that one.

Check out the commercial in the player above.

fans tip hat to Jeter

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