Jay Shells’ Signs Bring Rap Lyric Landmarks to Life

Graphic designer and artist Jay Shells’ new project is more than just clever street art. The red signs bearing classic New York hip-hop lines about neighborhoods and corners are a tribute to New York’s rich musical history and a city of days past.

In our eyes, it’s something the NYC’s municipal government should have looked into doing years ago. The signs remind us of just how much artistic history surrounds New Yorkers on a  daily basis. There’s nothing like blasting Big L’s “Danger Zone” while driving down Lenox Ave., Wu-Tang while driving through Staten Island, Hov while walking past the Marcy Projects, and so on.  For bringing some hip-hop nostalgia to the streets of NYC Jay Shells, we salute you.

Check out Animal NY’s video about the sign hanging mission above and some photos below.

jay shells rap quotes

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