Jay Pharoah ft. J-Rod “Bad Kisser” Video

We've all been there...

You thought Jay Pharoah was gonna let Weird Al have all the fun? Guess again. Pharoah has rolled through with his own parody for Usher’s “Good Kisser,” aptly titled “Bad Kisser.”

Don’t get it twisted, Pharoah has been doing his thing on the parody tip with SNL and his Above Average homies for some time now. “Bad Kisser” comes in at the perfect time, following the end of Weird Al’s weeklong reign on the web. Pharoah hops on Usher’s track to tell his story: the story of a man with a significant other who does no right when it comes to locking lips, swapping spit, and tussling tongues.

Hit the video player up top to check out the hilarious rendition from Pharoah, and get your music comedy fix.

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