Jay Z Jay Electronica We Made it Freestyle Lupita Nyong'o

Jay Electronica x Jay Z “We Made It Freestyle”

Is a Jay Electronica release on its way?

Almost too perfect for an early Sunday morning, it was as if the heavens split and the Seventh trumpet sounded. A possible reference to the story of Revelations in which the Great Angel casts the fire of God back onto the Earth, marking the opening of the Seventh Seal a moment within the scriptures that signifies when God fully answers his people’s prayers. Feels kinda heavy but it almost seems like a narrative written about the surprise drop of this “We Made It” freestyle we have all been blessed with courtesy of the most divine of emcees, Jay E & Jay Z respectively. Those familiar horns blare and anticipation builds as listeners hang on, waiting feverishly for their prayers to be answered.

Jay Elect drops a verse riddled with divinity, history, fate, hinting at his role as a hero like figure birthed from the muck now pristine and emerging other worldly on a path and mission to lead his devoted people to salvation. Faced with adversity and forces set out to vanquish him Jay gets the word from his Madonna to strike the drum and lead the rebels into the good fight.

We can’t forget about the God Emcee, thee J Hova. With a slew of double, even triple, entendre bars Jay Z lays down a verse further cementing his hip hop legend status. Reminding the parishioners that rappers are still out being fraudulent, he is no longer a slave to his masters (work it out yourself), all the while showing love to recent Oscar Winner Lupita Nyong’o. Of course Jigga man throws some jabs in there to keep conspiracy hounds hearts aflutter. Straight Divine Annunaki Extraterrestrial Illuminati raps … just kidding.

With this being the second Jay Electronica track to drop this year the streets are buzzing heavily like a cluster of feral hornets in anticipation of an album or frankly more music from rap’s nomadic messiah.

Jay Z Jay Electronica We Made it Freestyle Lupita Nyong'o

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