Jay Electronica IN Nepal

“Time Pieces” by Goldwatch: Jay Electronica in Nepal

Take a journey with Mass Appeal.  Boudhanath with the Buddhists, Gadhimai with the Hindus, Pashupatinath with the Sadus; from the top of MT Everest to the slums of Kathmandu, it doesn’t take long until you realize that we’re all one.  Step inside as Goldwatch and Electronica explore the magical worlds of Nepal.  Around the globe we go, armed with Super8.  Second installment of Time Pieces as if you were right there too. Namaste.

“Spirit is a muscle” – Goldwatch

Rest in Peace MCA

Watch the first installment of “Time Pieces” featuring Pharrell and Karolina Kurkova in Brazil.

jason goldwatch's time piece with jay electronica

Jay Electronica IN Nepal

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