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Goldwatch’s “Time Pieces” Goes to Nepal With Jay Electronica

Goldwatch’s “Time Pieces” Goes to Nepal With Jay Electronica

jay electronica in nepal with jason goldwatch

After making a splash with the first installment of Jason Goldwatch‘s “Time Pieces,” which featured Pharrell and super model Karolina Kurkova in Brazil, we’re going to drop the second short film in the series tomorrow.

From the slums of Kathmandu, to the top of a monastery at Boudha Stupa, to meeting with the Sadus of Pashupatinath, join Goldwatch and Jay Electronica on a spiritual quest through the magical land of Nepal.

“Second installment. Through Kathmandhu. Shot then developed by hand and cut by hand. The song the footage is set to is called ‘Namaste,’ it was written and composed by MCA after his first trip to Nepal.

I’ll always remember that we almost died in a helicopter when the Himalayan fog rolled up on us, just below base camp on Mount Everest (Sagarmāthā to the locals). We were forced to emergency land, just our translator, helicopter pilot, the DP, myself and Jay in a foggy valley, waiting for the fog bed to clear. We stayed up almost all night and drank Johnny Walker and laughed ‘tll the sun rose.  We were so alive and so far away but we truly felt like we were home.”

–Jason Goldwatch

Check out some stills from the film below.

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    cant wait to see this…