Jason Goldwatch presents Time Alone a new interview series

Introducing Jason Goldwatch’s “Time Alone”

It might take a second to sink in.

“These aren’t the questions. These are the questions that will prompt the questions.”

Ok. Sit down. Put your thinking cap on and concentrate. We have a new video series that’s a little difficult to understand but we’re confident that over time, you’ll get it. It’s called “Time Alone” and it’s from the brilliant mind of a one Mr. Jason Goldwatch. Musicians and celebrities sit down and interview themselves. They ask the questions to themselves and give answers to themselves. They are the interviewer and the interviewee. They pick their own brains and the result is a level of insight no second or third party could ever discover.

Got it? It’s like “Jeopardy.” There is a series of questions that they must answer with a question and then answer with an answer. Ok, wait, now we’re confused.

Here’s what Mr. Goldwatch had to say about the new series:

Interviews have gotten so boring. Why, though? Fuck, ’cause no one is trying anymore… Fuck, ’cause no one really ever listens. Anyways, let’s get this interview internet monnnaaayyyeeeee….. Ya heard?

Basically, the idea is to get questions out of an interview subject that only they would know about, and/or would have the gall to ask themselves. I draw out these far-left questions – mostly from them with magic and motive – then we flip chairs. I then ask them their own answers, which were the previous questions. I know, I know, but the questions they ask themselves they answer back, thereby interviewing themselves as no one ever could.

Question: “If a baby could talk, what’s one question you would as him?”

Answer: DUDE, where the fuck did you just come from?


Question: DUDE, where the fuck did you just come from?

Answer: ( here lies the magical answers)

Watch the above trailer, that should clarify everything. It’s “Time Alone” and it’s around the corner.

Jason Goldwatch presents Time Alone a new interview series

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