New Book Collects Classic Jamaican Dancehall Signs

A new collection of hand painted signs from Jamaica are collected in a new book.

Jamaica Promotional Sign Maxine Walters Miss Lily's

If seeing the above colorful Jamaican signage is a first, then you might never look at another promotional flyer the same way again. They are installed physically against trees, where Jamaican film and TV producer Maxine Walters has collected them as prized artwork. Wheatpasting on buildings or littering a sidewalk with paper stateside . . . pfft, Walters has been known to wield a crowbar in order to ascertain the limited edition hand made work that has informed the people of major social gatherings in Jamaica. Now her complete archive is gathered in a new book titled Jamaican Dancehall Signs, on sale at Miss Lily’s Variety in New York City. The actual signs are on display now, through October 24th in Miss Lily’s Shop.

Jamaican Dancehall Signs Miss Lily's Variety Maxine Walters

Maxine Walters Jamaican Signs book Miss Lily's Variety NYC

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