Jagged Edge Make Their Return With “Hope”


Jagged Edge is back and here to earn your love, girl.

In all seriousness though, we live in a realm of “thots,” women who aren’t “loyal,” boppers… you get the point. But what happens when it’s the dude fuckin’ up, the one who isn’t loyal, who’s runnin’ the streets committing all sorts of fuckery, but not his lady. Well, JE is back to lay game down proper and beg forgiveness. At the end of the day, when you’ve left and hurt the one you love, you can only ask that somehow, someway, you can get your lady to “…put her hope back in her man.”

If this joint has your loins bubbling with nostalgia then dial it down a notch, because there’s more news. Jagged Edge will be reuniting with Jermaine Dupri for the follow up to their 2000 release J.E. Heartbreak with a sequel, J.E. Heartbreak Too. While we don’t have a date for you yet, stay on the lookout for info on the new album.

[h/t VIBE]

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