Jade & Brenmar Say “Good Night, Summer”

Jade <3, singer-songwriter mami from NY has some new material, and new looks that we are putting you up on early. It’s been a little over three years since her candy-coated vocals became an addiction to headphones on her debut, It’s My Heart, Cookie. She linked up with Va$htie rocked Violette, plus aligned herself with a crop of producers to watch (Tom Cruz, NiRE, and Hasan Insane) between ’09 and 2010. Fast forward to 2012, homegirl is performing nationwide with her group Blind Benny. Her next project though revisits her chemistry with DJs and producers, one of the illest right now, Brenmar. With Jade for the ride this time around is her besties 10ille, Jason Scott Henderson of Betteryet Records, and even her doggie Thurston Howl III. Peep the platform Reebok 54-11’s! The lead single produced by Brenmar is our first look at Jade’s next album, Selfish and Never Alone Vol. 1. We caught up with Jade to discuss the making of SANA Vol. 1, playing the lottery, and her most memorable DJ mix by Brenmar.

Video directed by Maya Margolina, edited by Bill Horace.

Jade<3 Video Brenmar "Goodnight Summer" Photo by Corinne Pulicay

What’s the first song you ever slow danced to?

First song I slow danced to was with my older brother’s friend who I pretended to slow dance with, and it was to “They Don’t Know” by Jon B. My actual first slow dance that I can remember was to “Ordinary People” by Jon Legend. . . yah, much older LOL.

Name your most memorable DJ mix by Brenmar.

Last year, Bill’s mix for Opening Ceremony and his live set at Full Service at Tandem changed my perspective on club music. He cuts through the best party jams better than most with ease. He always gets me hype!

How does this album differ from your previous works?

This is my first non-experimental project ever. Writing to these tracks just came so naturally and everything I did just felt good—no thought or worry whatsoever. I also haven’t just written to tracks in a long time, everything in the past few years has been written and produced by Jon of Blind Benny and myself for Blind Benny; very different approaches.

What’s the meaning behind the title Selfish and Never Alone Vol. 1?

I don’t want to say too much about it, ’cause I want you to enjoy the project without having the meaning of my title in mind. But I will say, doing this as a solo thing allowed me to be dreamy, and dance in the mirror like when I used to fantasize as a ten-year-old about my older brother’s friend whispering he liked me, and us slow dancing. It allowed me to be frank about things I was actually feeling right then and there, and it allowed be to be different characters of myself without feeling guilty, that I can be selfish sometimes. . . it just seemed acceptable. Or it could be the mere fact that even though this is a solo project it hasn’t been done alone. Same team, same family, I could never be alone without them.

You sang in church growing up. What non-secular song was it cool for you to sing on Sundays?

Non-secular or secular? As far as secular I would sing “I Will Follow Him” of course from Sister Act or sometimes I would write my own songs and sing them. Non-secular would be Ron Kenoly hands down, or DC TALK, ha ha ha, OMG I was so into them.

Three’s company or three’s a crowd?

Depends on my mood, really. But if I had to favor, I’d say a crowd. . . 🙁

What’s the last scratch off lottery game you played?

I’ve never played the lottery before, I would get depressed if I lost, LOL.

What’s your remedy for first date jitters?

Being comfortable and secure in what you’re wearing and how you look. Fidgeting is the worst.

Best breakup snack?

Café Mogador, NYC chocolate cake with molten lava chocolate in the middle, vanilla ice cream, with a mint leaf on the side and strawberries. I’m not done. . . Whole grain banana pancakes with vanilla and cinnamon, fresh strawberries and blueberries on top. Grade A maple syrup. Start your heartbreak day with a yummy smile. 🙂 Also, a Milky Way, don’t underestimate. Sometimes I cant even wait to pay for it.

Name your favorite Hollywood cameo in an R&B video.

Iman, in Michael Jackson’s “Remember The Time.”

Check out the behind-the-scenes photos from “Goodnight Summer,” and download the track below.

Jade 10ille Video Singer

Jade Brenmar Video Goodnight Summer Vol. 1

Betteryet Jade Jason Scott Henderson Video Brenmar

Jade Goodnight Summer Video dancers

Jade<3 Video Behind-the-Scenes

Jade Summer Video

Reebok Classics 54-11 sneakers girl

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Thurston Howl III Video Polo

DOWNLOAD: “Goodnight Summer.”

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