Bump That! Jacuzzi Chris “Something Stinks” Featuring Cat Marnell and Paloma

Team Facelift's Jacuzzi Chris drops his latest visuals for the track "Something Stinks" with a little help from Cat Marnell and Paloma.

Jacuzzi Chris knows what’s up. His name rings bells on the streets of New York. He knows how to handle a can of spray paint or a mop flooded with Garvey ink. Machine raps. You might know him as Machine from Team Facelift. You might know him for keeping it real. His work is a combination of ratchet and magic, and he would never rhyme ratchet with rat shit.

Bump this video today! The blonde chick in the video wilding out is Cat Marnell. Go Google her and then watch the video. Same thing with Paloma. JC’s posse is P.P.P.–shouts out to those fools. They’re out here getting money from the New York Yankees.

You’ve heard of that band White Riot? Jacuzzi Chris is White Ratchet. Which is trill.


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