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J57 Is A Master of Ceremonies On 2057 And The Ports EP

J57 flexes his skills as a renaissance man, conducting the talents of the MCs, singers, and DJs appearing on his two new albums, out now.

J57 Fat Beats Records

Rap is full of a lot of hubris. There’s no shortage of rappers or producers creating the perception of being bigger than they actually are. Today, J57 graduates to orchestrator, from being producer/DJ/MC. Trust, it’s not full of the same hot air as his musical counterparts who liken themselves to Marcus Garvey, MLK, or Che Guevara. On J’s two albums, 2057 and The Ports EP, both out today, he’s compiled enough talent to fill the orchestra of the Metropolitan Opera, but you don’t hear him calling himself “the rap Johann Sebastian Bach.”

Sene, Homeboy Sandman, and his Brown Bag All-Star homie Soul Khan are just a few of the regular collaborators on 2057. Nitty Scott MC, Chris Faust, and Andrew Thomas of The Clubhouse are a part of the cast on The Ports EP. The concept behind Ports has some sentimental value because it’s named after his mentor Bryan “Ports” Coyle, who J57 salutes below,

“I dedicate this project to the memory of one of my best friends that left the world on March 13, 2012. Ports taught me how to rhyme – how to count bars, flow patterns, freestyle, etc. He also introduced me to the indie hip hop scene in the late 90’s & changed my life forever.”



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J57 Fat Beats Records

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