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J NICS “24/7” Exclusive Premiere

Listen in as Miami's J NICS guides us through his motivational freeway at top speed.

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Miami native J NICS is a Southern street poet. Having grown up in notorious neighborhoods like Liberty City and Little Haiti, the self-proclaimed loner took lessons from the proverbial corner, and his mentors were the hustlers, pimps, murderers, and thieves that had a whole lot more to share than any real “teachers” ever could. J NICS was, after all, the eldest of three children and product of a broken home.

As he further entered the depths of his hip hop craft he realized that there was medicine in the artform. Life may have taken its tolls and turns, but for him this is just the beginning of a new chapter as he offers up “24/7”, the first single from his upcoming EP ThreeSixtyFive.

Produced by DannyDee and Nuez, the melodic track guides listeners onto the freeway of a focused artist reminiscent of a young and hungry Scarface, Bun B, or David Banner –Southern MCs who also turned the dark colors of their surroundings into colorful music portraits. As life continues changing and doubters raise questions, J NICS keeps hold of the mentality that flowered him–around-the-clock persistence!

“24/7” represents where I’m at and where I’m going. I recently took some time away from music to focus on being a father and gain new inspiration. During that time people kept hitting me up like “my n*gga drop some shit!”, they was even coming at me like, “you still rapping bruh?” Hahaha. I had to give people something to let them know that I’m going to continue what I started. I’m here feeling stronger than ever and that won’t stop. I’m on it 365 days of the year!

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    Dont sleep on Nuez and Danny Dee! And yallreadyknow J NICS is that dudeeee