J.J. Abrams Subtly Stunts in Front of Real X-Wing Starfighter

Ever seen a life-size X-Wing?

J.J. Abrams likes to be subtly obvious when it comes to revealing little knickknacks about the Star Wars films. His latest exhibition of nonchalant stunting comes in the form of a new video released in support of Star Wars: Force for Change.

In the video, Abrams is in what appears to be a hangar as the camera pans out revealing the X-Wing Starfighter. He then details how you can take part in Star Wars: Force for Change by donating to the initiative, which could earn you a spot in the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII. All donations benefit the UNICEF Innovation Labs And Programs.

Hit the video player up top to check out the clip of Abrams speaking on the program in front of a real deal X-Wing Starfighter. To take part in Star Wars: Force for Change head on over to Omaze to donate.

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