J.Cole “leaks” Born Sinner tonight in select locations.

No need to wait till June 18th to hear Cole's new album. He's streaming Born Sinner live tonight at 8pm EST !

Jcole leaks new album

So, Kanye West wants to put his face on a building? Two can play that game.

J. Cole is giving his fans more than a little taste of his new album, Born Sinner. The North Carolina born rapper will play his entire new album from front to back, tonight in select locations. The album will stream live only ONCE through the Lisnr app for Android and iPhone at 8pm EST (7pm CT / 5pm PST). With only a few weeks left until the album’s release, most artists would be concerned about their projects being leaked, but not Cole. The full album will stream live in 8 cities, including New York City, Atlanta, Toronto and Cole’s hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Wondering exactly where you can hear Born Sinner? We’ll help you out. Type in the coordinates listed below here to find out exactly where you can listen to Cole’s full album tonight!

JCole leaks new album on purpose

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