“It’s On Again” From The Amazing Spider-Man 2


WHOA! I dunno man, but I haven’t felt an anthem birthed from a movie quite like this since Kellz hit us with “Gotham City” or Seal’s classic “Kiss From A Rose;” since Puffy bestowed “Come With Me” upon us, or maybe even that “Hero” track from that other movie. With soundtracks this day and age mostly being that ominous pulsating reverberation we’ve all come to know so well, it’s a little refreshing to get this combo of talent.

Mizz NYC, aka Ms. Keys if you’re nasty Mizz Beatz if you wanna be polite employs the assistance of West Coast giant Kendrick Lamar, “Happy Man” Pharrell sans hat(no webbed out custom Buffalo jawns here), and Hans Zimmer (if you don’t know, now you know) to create “It’s On Again,” an opus for a city in peril; an ode to reaching potential and emerging as savior. This is heartwrenching stuff folks and it sounds good too. Peep the video above and be on the lookout for the official soundtrack to “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” dropping April 22 with the movie to follow shortly after hitting theaters May 2nd.

Alicia Keys It's On Again The AMazing Spiderman 2 Soundtrack 2014

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