Jayson Musson Hennessy Youngman art thoughtz Small World

Hennessy Youngman Goes Big In A Small World

Brooklyn's own, Hennessy Youngman has a laundry list of artwork in his mixed-media project, where pretty much anything goes.

On view at Family Business, a non-profit art gallery owned by Maurizio Cattelan and Massimiliano Gioni is an exhibit titled, “ItsA Small, Small World.” YouTube art theologian and UPenn graduate, Hennessy Youngman (Jayson Musson) is the work’s curator, who saw a riotous opening and performance by Spank Rock on Tuesday night in Chelsea. It was the follow-up to a previous demonstration by hundreds of artists that lined up and signed waivers to be included in the show.

There’s plenty to see in “ItsA Small, Small World,” even if the space reminds one of an episode of Hoarders, filmed in a what’s essentially a walk-in closet. The caveat, however, is that art is everywhere: on the floor: on the ceiling, in corners, stacked and layered on walls. Photographs, drawings, paintings, sculptures, collages, dioramas, video, a sheet of paper with six months worth of jizz, and a dead cat (kidding, no dead cat) all fight for your eyes. There’s even a shopping cart and a couch hanging from the ceiling! Disclosure: I contributed a framed mixed-media ink and aerosol collage I made in the summer of 1998 after finding a Latin Inches magazine. You can find it on its side against the far left wall on the floor.

Hennessy’s call for work was both vague and ultra-specific in a YouTube video. He posted on his Art Thoughtz page, invoking hundreds of artists to bring any and everything to the gallery last Saturday and Sunday; including tax returns “or a piece of art your boyfriend made you ’cause he was too cheap to get you a real gift.”

The waivers we signed was totally worth it.

“ItsA Small, Small World”
Through April 14
Family Business
540 West 21 Street

Jayson Musson Hennessy Youngman art thoughtz Small World

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