Issue 28: Things Done Changed

With the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival kicking off today, we revisit classic images of Red Hook taken by legendary street photographer Jamel Shabazz.

The 2013 Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival kicks off today and it’s got us reminiscing about our BK roots. We may have moved on from the borough that birthed Biggie, but our heart remains there. In honor of the festival, which extends to Saturday with events across Brooklyn, we revisit photographer Jamel Shabazz’s Issue 28 spread of life in 80s Red Hook. The title, “Things Done Changed,” seems more appropriate now than ever.

Guy answering phone in a barber shop
Legendary Street photographer Jamel Shabazz takes it back to early ’80s Red Hook.
Girl drinking from a hydrant
Dogs piss on hydrants
Red Hook Jame Shabazz people posing
As you can see, Preston has a big Dick Tracy behind him.
Red Hook bicycle kids
Look ma, no shoelaces!
Red Hook graffiti
Who likes short shorts?
The Ching-A-Ling gang
The Ching-A-Ling gang always flipped it up.
Guys holding leather jackets in Red Hook.
One of these hats is not like the other. One of hese hats doesn’t have a brother.

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