sabotage 3 philly

VIDEO: Ishod Wair in the “Sabotage 3 Remix” Teaser

Keep it gully with the new Sabotage video shot in Philly.

The opposite of high-budget, high production value videos recently released by industry staples like Girl and Chocolate, Sabotage3 is keeping it gutter.

With its classic VX film style, homeless hi-jinx, and graf’ writer cut scenes– the Philly-based video reminds you of a time when Love Park was littered with bums and skate rats who came in flocks for the perfect ledges and the possibility of spotting a few pros throwing themselves down the massive gap.

Although the days of Love Park are long gone, Sabotage is doing their part in keeping the gritty side of Philadelphia skating alive. Featuring rants of homless people and Ishod Wair completing thorough lines down Broad St., the video is a must watch. Check out the Ishod Wair teaser for the remix above and  you can buy the recently released video at The remix will be available this Friday Feb. 1.

sabotage 3 philly

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