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Ishod Wair Pushes Philly for Real Skateboards

Ishod Wair Pushes Philly for Real Skateboards

When people debate which city is the best for street skating Philadelphia is often overlooked, skater Ishod Wair is on a mission to change that.

Originally from nearby Bordentown Jersey, Wair is the torchbearer of the Philly skating legacy left by Bam Margera, Kerry Getz, Josh Kalis, and Stevie Williams before him.

Wair grew up skating spots like the Girard 3 Block, Ghetto Banks and Temple and now the 20-year-old  and is putting Philly back on the map. Wair’s an active member of Rob Dyrdek’s Street League with sponsorships from Nike SB, Spitfire and Real and a 2011 Maloof Money Cup win under under his belt.

As part of Real’s Pushing Campaign Wair returned to Philly to film some lines and to promote skating in the City of Brotherly Love . Here’s the video shot while in the 215 check out their Ishod Wair interview on their site.

Ishod Wair jumping over stairs

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