Is Weed-Based Syrup the Future of Lean?

Slime Time

Stop the presses! Rappers break out those bank books! Or stacks! Or whatever you got under the mattress! According to a recent report by LA Weekly, Cannabis-based “lean” – aka the purple stuff, aka Grimace Goo, aka “DAT LEAN!”– is the new wave.

Soulja Boy and the homie Young Biebenstein have had their collective prayers answered with this one. A company by the name of “Actabliss” (that’s that earn a gold star for the day type of creativity) just dropped a purple green bomb on the market. They’ve introduced “Grape Syzurp with Cannabidnoids” to the barren lean market. This time around there’s no codeine though, so none of those ill effects. LA Weekly has the scoop on the green goop:

This week the product was delivered to Los Angeles for its first medical marijuana retail sales here, says Actabliss’ founder, who wants to be known only by the nickname Actaboss. The product was formulated early this year, unveiled to the public one month ago on April 20 (a.k.a. 420) via free samples, and finally sold to the public about a week after that at GreenWorks in Actabliss’ hometown of San Diego, he said.

While the products are different than the mud we’ve all grown to love, they share similar characteristics that have purple purveyors clamoring for this THC-laced homage. The folks at Actabliss, despite trying to keep up with demand, have let it be known that more flavors are on the way, so you might be pourin’ up on some prism juice in no time.

There are also a number of products still out there including the BBQ Brothas alternative known as “High Tech: Ganjaceuticals”– another homage to an already existing lean giant.

HighTech Strawberry Ganjaceuticals 2014

Talk about “going green.” We’ll be sure to keep you posted on any future updates… after we top off this double cup.

[h/t LA Weekly]

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