IRAK Fool's Gold

IRAK Sets Up Shop At Fool’s Gold

IRAK leads off the next installment in the Fool's Gold artist series. Peep some flicks from the gallery's opening, plus a throwback quote from Ear Snot showing the evolution of one of New York's greatest crews.

Fool’s Gold Records is known as a house built for musicians. Since the label opened its storefront in Brooklyn, it’s become a home to the work of HAZE, GROTESK, and now IRAK. Paintings and photography turn the FG shop into a gallery. IRAK was the latest to show in the space. Since forming in ’95, the crew is still powerful in numbers as they are for ferociously taking what belonged to them—going over other writers. No apologies.

Collaborating with Fool’s Gold is a natural progression of both of their footholds in art and streetwear. Back in issue 41 (2006), our own Maclean Jackson interviewed IRAK’s head hancho Ear Snot, and spoke about the motivation behind their provocative moves in the merchandise game:

Mass Appeal: With everyone and their cousin making shirts and things, how do you guys stay distinct?

Ear Snot:

“We try to keep expressing new ideas, offending people at all costs, not respecting anyone’s personal beliefs. It’s just like an episode of South Park or the grandmother sucking someone off—we want to put it all on one shirt, just push everyone’s buttons at once, because that’s our human right, to make people react to shit. There’s no better fuckin’ thing to know you’re alive than to get reactions out of people in New York City—that’s the philosophy for our line: keep pushing the bar. Our clothing brand comes from our lives together, our history together and our future. There is an endless supply of things to offend people with. We haven’t begun to focus on what our strong or potent message is, we have done some bright colors offending grandmothers shit. The line is young, we’re young. This shit is growing, we are growing…no way to know how this will end up.”

Fool's Gold IRAK Storefront Guestlist

IRAK Fool's Gold

See more photos from the Fool’s Gold x IRAK collaboration here.

IRAK Fool's Gold

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