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iPhone Boombox Cases Pump Up The Volume

iPhone Boombox Cases Pump Up The Volume

iPhones have one major thing in common with boomboxes of the past: you can’t live without them.

This week the hunt was on for a new iPhone case. I wanted one that had a bit of that old school, back in the day look, but modern at the same time. These days, we’re not trying to sacrifice our shoulders to carry the weight of a vintage boombox, especially when your iPhone can look like a vintage ghetto blaster after you slap a protective cover on it. No harm no foul. And you can shout “I need a radio inside my hand,” guilt free.

I made up my mind and paired up my top three choices against the original boomboxes of the ’80s. The blend of materials, technology, and nostalgia has to be precise. It’s a matter of interpretation when designers take true status symbols such as the boombox, and bring it to the forefront. At the end of the day I bought all three since they all keep it real, and stand out like Radio Raheem stomping down the block in the summer.

Tracy’s Take: The Zero Gravity’s Case keeps it authentic with its sleek style. I only wish my phone could pump out the same base as the Panasonic RX5500 did in it’s hey day.

Panasonic Boombox and Zero Gravity iPhone case
Metallic iPhone 4/4S Case by Zero Gravity
Price Tag: $24
Panasonic RX5500 – circa ’81.

Tracy’s Take: For my eco-conscious side, Good Wood NYC is known for it’s green approach. Taking iconic symbols and reinterpreting them out of wood. Their Boombox is natural and raw, pin-pointing all the best functions and details of the Hitachi TRK 8600.

Good Wood NYC iPhone Case Hitachi TRK 8600 boombox
Good Wood NYC Boombox iPhone Case
Price Tag: $68.40 (£55)
Hitachi’s TRK 8600 – circa ’81/’82.

Tracy’s Take: The Sharp ’85 advertisement showed a lightweight Boombox for the masses, available vibrant colors. The Freshfiber’s version makes a clean yet bold statement with its raised texture.

Freshfiber iPhone case Sharp ad
Freshfiber Boombox iPhone 4/4S Cover
Price Tag: $45.70
Seen in Sharp’s ad circa ’85.