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Introducing Mass Appeal Massive on Radio Lily

Introducing Mass Appeal Massive on Radio Lily

Mass Appeal Massive has a weekly radio show on, Tuesday nights, 10PM-12AM. Your host: DJ Treats and friends.

Mass Appeal Massive on Ms. Lily's Radio

Last week we had our first show on Radio Lily. It was a first of many, where we were just getting our feet wet on the airwaves. And when we say first of many, we’re talking about shots that will be licked off every Tuesday, 10PM-12AM. To quote Lord SHR, from last week’s show, “we’re happy to be a part of Radio Lily and use Radio Lily as a blast off point for a lot of the culture that we represent. And it just so happens that the music and culture that Radio Lily advocates, we advocate as well.”

Check out our first show below. We are Mass Appeal Massive, not Slaveship.