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Inside the Cover: Issue 57 ft. Future


Though some are quick to say #ItNeverHappened, we now have photo proof. For our Issue 57 cover story, we linked up with Atlanta superstar Future, who’s dominated the airwaves this year with smash hits “Fuck Up Some Commas” and “March Madness.” Under the watchful lens of photographer Jonathan Mannion, Future allowed us into his world, including legendary strip club Magic City, an Organized Noize art exhibition, and finally to the luxe St. Regis hotel.

The video also features some color commentary from the Magic City dancers on how strip clubs can break records, as Future weaves in and out of the women’s locker rooms. An artist who’s notoriously quiet and reserved on camera, this behind-the-scenes look is rare footage of Future at his most vulnerable. It definitely did happen, and as Mannion puts it, “It’s gonna last forever.” For the final selections from Future’s shoot, be sure to pick up Mass Appeal Issue 57, in stores soon. Subscribe here to be the first to get your hands on the issue, as soon as it ships.